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Our vision began with a love for cars, and a lack of honest, balanced reviews by the people who actually drive them. Buying a car is a big decision! To make things harder, it’s time consuming to research and test drive every car in our price range. The Torque offers easy to understand reviews on South Africa’s favourite cars, citizen reviews, the latest automotive news and a way to rate the important elements when choosing a vehicle, based on real experiences, by real people.

Whilst researching cars online is nothing new, The Torque felt a gap existed enabling to like-minded people to re-assure one another on what the best car for their lifestyle was. Rather than just judging a car on a single or select few opinion’s, now one is able to get the assurance they need to make an informed buying decision.

Love your car? Tell us why. Submit a full review, in writing or shoot your own video. Not sure you’re ready for that? Then simply rate your car with a few clicks and a short sentence – it won’t take a minute.

The Torque provides a platform for readers and vehicle seekers to meet honest reviews and ratings from people with real experiences of the vehicles they review and rate. In addition, find the latest news on the industry that you love, and summaries of South Africa’s favourite cars.

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